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Sam Kimball

We are living in a transitional period where the Internet,  now established, is going through adolescence.  No longer the new kid on the block,  the web is becoming central to the world of media and marketing.  And yet there is a lot of progress yet to come.  High level marketers get the importance of digital,  but there is still feet dragging going in the corridors of marketing power.  Simultaneously legacy media continues to reach and influence many millions of people.  Those who succeed in Marketing 3.0 will skillfully combine the digital with the traditional.  And there’s a lot of game yet to be played — in what is an exceedingly fastevolving landscape.

About Me
Digital media and tech exec.  Currently EVP, Advertising and Brand Sales at Livestream. During Web 1.0 joined NextAudio.com, one of the original developers of Internet-delivered, personalized radio.  Later stints at Clear Channel (Director of New Media) and Internet Broadcasting/NBC Television (VP, Strategic Sales).  Spun off Emmis Communications’ concert and event division into Marquee Concerts.  Marquee is a leading regional player,  producing 70+ events per year, with multiple web properties (one of which is top 5 web site for jazz in North America SmoothJazzNewYork). Have consulted for brands and media companies in digital since 2003,  focusing on sales, sponsorship and integrated marketing.  Clients have included Moet Hennessy, Lincoln Mercury, Vitamin Water, Sony Electronics, Samsung, TheaterMania.com, A&E Networks and others.

In my current role I head up the Global Advertising and Brand Sales business at Livestream.  Our mission is connecting people and live events. Livestream is a powerful marketing tool for anyone producing an event. And a place for discovering and viewing HD quality live video content with live photo and text blogging.  Among other things we distribute live streams on Facebook and other third-party sites.  We are also the only officially endorsed live streaming provider of Facebook. Content partners and clients include Moet Hennessy, Toyota, Facebook, New York Times, CBS News, CNET, The Associated Press, HBO, AT&T, PepsiCo, Electronic Arts, Adidas, The Academy Awards, Warner Bros. Records, Paramount Pictures and more. We have 150 full-time staff members in 5 offices—New York, Los Angeles, Bangalore, London and the Ukraine.

New Livestream is an innovative new platform, that combines live event coverage with real-time photos, text, and video clip updates posted using web browsers or mobile devices. The technology supports live blogging, live and on-demand video, and real-time posting tools.

Sam Kimball
Twitter @SamKimball

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